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New online resource: BMJ Best Practice

BMJ Best Practice is a brand new point-of-care information source for healthcare professionals (similar to Clin-eguide or UpToDate). Produced by the BMJ Evidence Centre, it aims to be a readily accessible single source for up-to-date research evidence, guidelines, and expert thought, offering an instantly available second opinion 

Entries on medical conditions consist of basic information (definitions, epidemiology, etc.), prevention, guidelines and step-by-step information for diagnosis and treatment, follow-up recommendations, and extra resources including online images and patient leaflets.

Released only a couple of weeks ago, it will be available for another fortnight to anyone in New Zealand to try out. BMJ are keen to make this resource useful, and are open to users' suggestions - such as "please include more New Zealand guidelines". If there is sufficient interest, UoA library may consider subscribing.

To examine BMJ Best Practice, go to

To let us know if you like it, or what more you think it needs, contact Megan Clark at the Philson Library.



# re: New online resource: BMJ Best Practice

did the trial, really like this as it covers all the info you need in terms of diagnosis and treatments and I love the way it also gives you the evcidence behind it, if oyu need that. very impressive, can we get a permanent subscription thanks 3/14/2009 3:48 AM | danil suttil

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