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Beadle's decimal coins

Beadle's design for the 1 cent coin. Paul Beadle Archive (06-334, PB1). Elam Archive, Fine Arts Library. Copyright Jill Hetherington.

At a time when the University is doing an inventory of its cultural collections, it’s relevant to note that we are also the repository for many fascinating paper archives. One such is The Elam Archive, held at the Fine Arts Library, which contains the papers of Professor Paul Beadle, head of Elam from 1961-1977. Among his papers is a comprehensive collection of newspaper cuttings and correspondence on the debate surrounding the design of New Zealand’s coins, providing both an insight into the design process and the politics of this contentious competition. (Passau, 2012, p.28)

In celebration of Records and Archives Week (RAW), Ingenio has published "Beadle's decimal coins" (p.28) written by Victoria Passau, Client Services Librarian at the Fine Arts Library. This article explores Professor Paul Beadle's involvement in the 1964-1965 decimal coin design competition and can be read here.

Ingenio is The University of Auckland's official alumni magazine and is available in hardcopy and online. The Autumn issue also includes a staff profile of Janet Copsey, University Librarian (pp.24-25)


Passau, V. (2012). History: Beadle’s decimal coins. Ingenio (Autumn), 28.

Fine Arts Library


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