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Jill Kennedy: Eyes on the Moon

An exhibition by Jill Kennedy is on display at the Gus Fisher Gallery until the 28th of April. Kennedy, a Glasgow-born artist, utilises found images to create collage-like animations with a humorous edge. The Fine Arts Library holds two of her earlier video works entitled New Educational Series (Kennedy & Payne, 2010a) and One Minute Enlightenment (Kennedy & Payne, 2010b). These are on long-term loan from The University of Auckland Art Collection.

Eyes on the Moon (Jill Kennedy, 2012). Still

Eyes on the Moon
9 March 2012 to 28 April 2012
10am - 5 pm (Tuesday - Friday)
The Gus Fisher Gallery, The Kenneth Myers Centre, 74 Shortland St


Kennedy, J., & Payne, J. (2010a). Jill Kennedy new educational series, 2007-2009 [videorecording]. Auckland, N.Z.: Jill Kennedy.
Kennedy, J., & Payne, J. (2010b). Jill Kennedy one minute enlightenment [videorecording]. Auckland, N.Z.: Jill Kennedy.

Victoria Passau
Fine Arts Library


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