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Friday, February 17, 2012

"Fashion is Fun"

“Fashion has always existed in relation to art and has frequently been interpreted through the philosophical and conceptual tenets of art practices and theories. Artforms as diverse as history painting, sculpture, portrait painting, printmaking, sign painting and commercial art and photography have variously depicted, created and promulgated fashion” (McNeil, 2011).

To coincide with the international fashion calendar we have created a list of some of the Fine Arts Library’s most recent additions (and one not so recent addition) to our collection of fashion related publications.

Cover of Carine Roitfeld : Irreverent (Roitfeld, 2011)

Carine Roitfeld : Irreverent (Roitfeld, 2011)

Alexander Mcqueen : Savage Beauty (Bolton et al., 2011)

Chanel : The Vocabulary of Style (Gautier, 2011)

In Between (Bourdin & Verthime, 2010)

Marc Jacobs Advertising 1998-2009 (Teller & Jacobs, 2009)

Yohji Yamamoto (Salazar & Victoria and Albert Museum., 2011)

“You Should Have Been with Me" : A Photographic Scrapbook (Shaffer, 2010)

Cover of Fashion Is Fun (Stuttard & Bowes, 1967)
Fashion Is Fun (Stuttard & Bowes, 1967)

Interestingly a number of Elam alumni have been involved in the fashion world. During the 1940s and well into the 1960s Elam helped to train a number of department store display artists, fashion artists or illustrators and dress designers including Babs Radon and Clare Bowes (illustrator of Fashion is Fun). This was during a period in which the School taught calligraphy and design alongside the more traditional fine arts.

Fashion more recently played a role in Elam's 2011 end of year Undergraduate show with Jack Hadley and Michael Lee (3rd Year BFA students) creating a faux fashion line pauline (see image below). This show was on display in the Elam Library Foyer and at Snake Pit, an artist run gallery space.

Detail of 'pauline' by Jack Hadley and Michael Lee (Elam Library Foyer, 2011). Image reproduced with permission.


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Victoria Passau

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