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Engineering is cool

Try Engineering. Admittedly, Dilbert and his fellow engineers haven't boosted the image of the engineering profession, but the website "TryEngineering" succeeds at making engineering seem a little cooler. Visitors will note that the site is sponsored by IBM, IEEE, and TryScience, and it provides information for parents, students, teachers and counselors. The "Lesson Plans" link "provides tips on how lessons can be integrated with other subject areas and offers background information on engineering and engineering careers."
Visitors can search the lesson plans by age range, category or keyword, and there are over 100, so there is bound to be more than one that is of interest. Some of the lessons include "Can You Canoe?", "A Century of Plastics", and "Build Your Own Robot Arm". The "Play Games" link offers visitors such fun as "Solar Car Racing", "Roller Coaster Designer" and "Design a Parachute". [KMG] From The Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout 1994-2010. See it at 


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