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PlanIT Valley, the benchmark for future cities and sustainable urban communities

 “Living PlanIT's model for a city of the future is being developed with the legislated endorsement of Municipality of Paredes in northern Portugal and the national government. Called PlanIT Valley, it has been designated a Project of National Interest (PIN) by the Portuguese Government. It will be built in a series of phases and will accommodate a population of 225,000 when completed in 2015. The finished city will serve simultaneously as a living laboratory for partner companies, test bed for their smart technologies, innovation centre, incubator for technology start-ups, and demonstration of how Living-PlanIT will collaborate with its partners and property developers to replicate its approach in other locations. In PlanIT Valley, Living PlanIT is making a major step-change by establishing a collaborative community to research develop and demonstrate integrated urban technical, economic and social infrastructure. It seeks to integrate companies, education and government into the urban environment itself which is a major difference from the technology parks and Silicon Valley campuses.” Read more at


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