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World's first energy-storage membrane

World's first energy-storage membrane outstrips existing rechargeable batteries and supercapacitors “The cost-effective and environmentally-friendly energy-storage membrane developed by NUS researchers. The research team, led by Principal Investigator Dr Xie Xian Ning, used a polystyrene-based polymer to deposit the soft, foldable membrane converted from organic waste which, when sandwiched between and charged by two graphite plates, can store charge at 0.2 farads per square centimetre. This capability was well above the typical upper limit of 1 microfarad per square centimetre for a standard capacitor. The cost involved in energy storage is also drastically reduced with this invention, from about US$7 to store each farad using existing technologies based on liquid electrolytes to about US$0.62 per farad.” Read more at


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