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Superbus, a streamlined electric vehicle

 “On Monday 4 April 2011 the prototype of the Superbus, brainchild of Wubbo Ockels of TU Delft, was presented to the media during a test run at the former Valkenburg airfield.  Professor Wubbo Ockels hopes his streamlined electric vehicle will bring fast, comfortable and sustainable public transport a step closer. On 10 April 2011 the former astronaut will demonstrate the prototype to HRH Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in Dubai at a world congress on public transport. The Superbus travel concept combines high-speed travel with the flexibility of a car. The vehicle is similar to an average bus in length and breadth, but its low ground clearance and aerodynamic design make it extremely energy efficient. This is helped by the chassis and bodywork of lightweight carbon fibre: the electric vehicle uses as much energy to travel at 250 kph as a normal bus travelling at 100 kph.” Read more at


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