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Sustainable construction: test manufacturing facility for carbon-negative masonry blocks and bricks

“Roughly 1% of UK greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the clay and cement industries. A test manufacturing facility for a new range of carbon-negative masonry blocks and bricks has now been commissioned at the Yorkshire Water Knostrop site near Leeds. The products, which are being developed by the Leeds-based company, Encos Ltd, are composed of graded aggregates recovered from waste streams bound together with vegetable oil-based binders. They are designed to significantly reduce both the environmental impact and the carbon footprint of the construction industry.
The test manufacturing facility will be used to validate the successful lab-scale trials of the Encos binders and to test their use with a number of different aggregates, including those recovered from non-hazardous waste streams. These include ash produced in the waste water treatment process. After extensive testing and validation, product samples will be provided to specifiers and constructors for their evaluation.” Read more at


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