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Transforming the future of heat management

“The world's largest collaborative project for the research and development of nanofluid coolants, NanoHex comprises of a consortium of 12 leading European companies and research centres. It has been funded by a €8.3 million Seventh Framework Programme grant, together with investment from the consortium themselves. … Nanofluids (carrier liquids into which particles smaller than 100 nanometers have been dispersed) have shown significantly enhanced thermal properties in comparison to traditional cooling fluids. Two separate methods will be employed to produce the purpose designed nanofluids during the project. A single-stage process will employ wet chemical synthesis to form and disperse tailored nanoparticles within a carrier fluid and a two-stage batch process will add pre-produced nanoparticles to a carrier fluid. Using both Risk and Life Cycle Assessments, NanoHex will also evaluate the health and safety of nanofluid coolants and their potential impact on the environment. These results will then form an important component in assessing the final products overall economic viability.” Read more at


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