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Steam and Electric Locomotives of the New Haven Railroad

It's time to get on board the steam and electric locomotives of the New Haven Railroad, via the Fred Otto Makowsky collection of railroad history photographs. The collection was acquired by the University of Connecticut in 2000, and this digital collection contains 460 photographs. Mr. Makowsky was quite a railroad enthusiast, and he took thousands of photographs of these locomotives and such during the first part of the 20th century. He was extremely meticulous in describing where each photograph was taken, along with compiling basic locomotive information. Here visitors can view all of the digitized images, and they can perform a keyword search across the collection. Overall, the collection provides some fascinating images of this period in American industrial history, and railroad fans will be particularly delighted by it. [KMG] Copyright Internet Scout, 1994-2008. Internet Scout (, located in the Computer Sciences Department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, provides information about the Internet to the U.S. research and education community under a grant from the National Science Foundation, number NCR-9712163. The Government has certain rights in this material. Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of the entire Scout Report provided this paragraph, including the copyright notice, are preserved on all copies.


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