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Research pushes boundaries in battery technology for Hybrid and Electric vehicles

“The Reduced cost Li-Ion (RED-LION) project – a two-year collaboration between QinetiQ and Ricardo with part-funding from the Department for Transport under the UK Energy Saving Trust Low Carbon R & D programme – has demonstrated the potential of a new low cost Lithium-Ion cell chemistry and associated flexible battery management system for Hybrid Electric vehicles (HEVs). The aim of the project was to develop an alternative Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) cell chemistry that could be integrated within an HEV using a bespoke battery management system. Following completion of the project, the partners have announced that a battery pack using QinetiQ’s new and innovative iron sulphide-based cell chemistry and Ricardo’s latest advanced Battery Management System, has demonstrated significant cost and weight reductions compared with the reference Efficient-C full hybrid vehicle.” Read more at QinetiQ


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