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Cycle of Bloodshed

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Before The Rain   Director: Milcho Manchevski (1994)    Call Number: DVD-V LD11-0437

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Before The Rain poster image

 Image: Courtesy of Criterion Collection

In his review of Before the Rain, Roger Ebert famously stated, “Work like this is what keeps me going, month after month and film after film” (1995). Connected in subtle ways, the three stories of BTR bring together a young Macedonian monk, a Muslim Albanian girl, a London photo-agent, and a Macedonian photographer.

In this impressive debut, what at first appear to be several disparate stories resolve themselves into a coherent entity with a single theme: the on-going conflict between Christian Macedonians and Albanian Muslims. The area is in danger of becoming the next Balkan bloodbath.

The film features stunning photography of Macedonian landscape that feels like lifted from another century, and a  hugely popular soundtrack by Anastasia.

Ebert, Roger. “Before The Rain”. 10 March. 1995. 

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