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The First World War: personal experiences

The Library provides access to a new database published by Adam Matthew Digital.The First World War: personal experiences contains digitised primary source documents focusing on the lives and experiences of men and women during the First World War.

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The content has been drawn from numerous archival collections of international importance, such as the Alexander Turnbull Library, die Bibliothek fuer Zeitgeschichte in der Wuerttembergischen Landesbibliothek Stuttgart, Cambridge University Library, and the Hooge Crater and Sanctuary Wood Museums in Belgium.

Giving access to a rich variety of digitised resource types, the collection includes diaries, journals, letters, reminiscences, trench literature, postcards, scrapbooks, albums, photographs, sketches, paintings, ephemera, sheet music, war art, cartoons, comics, personal objects, propaganda and recruiting posters, trench maps, and more.

In addition to this The First World War: personal experiences also contains a wealth of secondary sources, such as interactive maps, scholarly essays, panorama views and walk-throughs of the Sanctuary Wood Trench System, the Memory Wall, the In Their Own Words feature, a slideshow gallery, chronology, and glossaries.

Try the advanced search or browse documents by type, library/archive, or theatre of war.

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