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Journal of War and Cultural Studies

The subject of war and its impact on world cultures is potentially vast, and the Journal of War and Cultural Studies has a broad but clearly-defined research field, taking as its principal focus the relationship between war and culture in the twentieth century, and into the twenty-first, primarily in Europe but not excluding other areas involved in conflict, although these will retain a focus on their relationship to Europe.

Journal of War and Cultural Studies

The latest issue (vol. 3, issue 1, 2010) includes these articles:

Cubist chameleons: André Mare, the camoufleurs and the canons of art history
Claire I. R. O'mahony

The politics of display in post-Franco Spain: Max Aub at the Reina Sofía
Silvina Schammah Gesser

Hans Haacke versus the myth of Volk
Johan Åhr

Remember, remember, 11 September: memorializing 9/11 on the Internet
Lee Jarvis

The Iraq casualty, the listed monument and the missing child: the multiple roles of war memorials in the contemporary United Kingdom
Catherine Switzer

Western modernity, narratives and the pornography of death
Syed Haider

Languages at war: cultural preparations for the Liberation of Western Europe
Hilary Footitt

Questioning the Nazis: languages and effectiveness in British war crime investigations and trials in Germany, 1945–48
Simona Tobia

‘It's not their job to soldier’: distinguishing civilian and military in soldiers' and interpreters' accounts of peacekeeping in 1990s Bosnia-Herzegovina
Catherine Baker

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