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100 Years of the Journal of the Polynesian Society Now Available Online

After seven years' work the first 100 years of the Journal of the Polynesian Society have been completely digitised and are now available online. Volumes 1-100 (1892-1992) are now freely available as keyword-searchable texts with links to images of the original pages.

Journal of the Polynesian Society

The Journal of the Polynesian Society is a quarterly publication released by the Polynesian Society - a non-profit organisation based at the University of Auckland. The Journal is regarded as the world's premier academic journal for scholarly articles on the archaeology, anthropology, history and linguistics of the indigenous people of the Pacific Islands, including New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

The digitisation project began in 2002 with exploratory talks with the Polynesian Society. Judith Huntsman, the current editor of the Journal, supported the project from its inception. Rose Holley, the former Digital Services Librarian at the University of Auckland Library, designed specifications for outsourcing TEI mark-up. Brian Flaherty, Associate University Librarian, created the website. John Laurie, Digital Initiatives Librarian, assembled and edited the raw files and put them online.

The University of Auckland Library is now exploring opportunities with the Polynesian Society to put subsequent volumes of the Journal of the Polynesian Society online in future.

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