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February 2008 Entries

New JSTOR Platform: A Preview

A preview of the new JSTOR platform is available.

HISTORY 208/308 African-American Freedom Struggles

There are a couple of new course resource pages for HISTORY 208/308 African-American Freedom Struggles: USA 1900-2000.

They can be viewed from the Resources By Subject link in LEARN or from the Library tab in Cecil.

The Domesday Book online

Tuesday's Herald had a story about a new online version of the Domesday Book. The database is available from the UK Data Archive.

Popular Newspapers During World War I

This new microfilm collection includes four newspapers published in London from 1914 to 1919: The Daily Express (and The Sunday Express from 1918-1919); The Daily Mirror; The News of the World; and The People.

Oral History Workshop

There will be an Introductory Oral History Workshop held by Megan Hutching on March 7 at MOTAT in Auckland.